There are a number of people that help oversee various parts of First Presbyterian Church of Jacksonville.

Board of Trustees

The Trustees are the group of elected members of First Presbyterian which act at the request of the Congregation and the Session, in regard to the real and personal property of the church. They manage any property and permanent special funds, bequests, and gifts given to First Presbyterian Church. These funds are invested and managed by the Trustees for the furtherance of the ministry plan of the church as established by the Session. If you would like contact the Board of Trustees please use our contact form.

Mr. Tom Cauvel (2018)Ms. Z. Corbett (2018)
Mr. Gordon Davis (2020) Tom Jenks. (2020)
Mr. John Lennon (2019)
Mr. Larry Miller (2020)
Mr. George Motes (2019)
Ms. Darleen Smith (2018)
Ms. Ann Wamack (2019)

The Session

The governing body of the Presbyterian church is the Session. The men and women who are elected by the congregation to be members of the Session are individually called Elders. The Elders are responsible for the vision, mission and government of FPC. They provide oversight without micromanaging all staff and programs, trusting those that God has brought on staff here. The Elders set and oversee spiritual direction and growth within the church. They encourage and support the staff, and they commit to pray for and actively participate in the life of the church. If you would like contact the Session please use our contact form.

Dr. Michael Scott Luckey - Moderator – Session Committees Administration, Chair Ms. Brenda Baker - Clerk of Session
Ms. Noeline Clark (2019) - Finance ChairMs. Nan Davis (2020)
Mr. Ken Durkee (2019) - Missions Chair
Ms. Sharen Gaff (2018) - Personnel Chair
Mr. Bob Glover (2019) - Property Chair
Ms. Eleanor Hyder (2020)
Mr. Joel Klenck (2019)
Mr. Bruce Myers (2018)
Mrs. Sandy Rogers (2020) – Congregational Care Chair
Mr. Bill Stull (2020)
Ms. Katy Towers (2018) - Discipleship Chair
Mr. Edwin Wolfe (2018) - Worship Chair

The Deacons

The Deacons are elected and ordained members of the congregation to be part of the pastoral arm of our church, reaching out to members in their assigned group or “parish” when a pastoral concern arises. If you would like contact the Deacons please use our contact form.

Ms. Nancy Agnew (2018)Ms. Patsy Akridge (2019)
Ms. Nancy Cauvel (2019)
Ms. Ginny Dyer (2020)
Ms. Joyce Hayes (2018) Ms. Laura Jones (2018)
Ms. Carole Livingston (2019)
Ms. Twila Miller (2020)
Ms. Vicki Miller (2018)
Ms. Virginia Morris (2018)
Ms. Patti Renstrom – Deacon Leader
Ms. Toy Scott (2020)
Ms. Lisa Simpson (2019)

Ms. Lana Stull (2020) Ms. Carol Waters
Mr. Joseph Yerger (2019)