Emerge means “to come forth” or “to come into existence”; and we want our students to emerge from their world and culture into a meaningful, radical relationship with Jesus Christ.

We believe that our students can not only learn the Bible, but also live the Bible, and engage their world.

We know that middle school is a pivotal time in the spiritual development of a teenager! Not only are students at the crossroads between childhood and adolescence, they are experiencing a lot of physical, emotional, social, and spiritual changes.

At First Presbyterian Church, we LOVE middle school kids, including all of their craziness and energy! The Middle School ministry seeks to connect kids with Jesus Christ, the truths of Scripture, and the foundation of reformed faith. We want to connect with middle school kids in a very fun, intentional way, and help them see their unique purpose in this world. We promise to care for your child, develop an authentic relationship, and create a desire to connect them to the church!

Sunday Mornings

Join us at 9:30 am every Sunday morning on the 3rd floor for donuts and Bible Study for just YOU! 


We are currently running our confirmation class directly after church. We have a variety of teachers to help teach our kids more about what it means to be a member of the church! Upcoming topics:
November 5th: What is the Church?
November 12th: What is a Presbyterian?
November 26th: Statement of Faith
December 3rd: Finalize Statement of Faith
December 10th:  Confirmation Sunday

Upcoming Events:

November 18th - Youth to Universal 
December 10th - Confirmation Sunday
December 17th - Youth Christmas Party


  • Nicole and Dustin Rulien – Youth Leaders

Have questions? Please contact Nicole..