The Keen-Agers are a group of predominately retired individuals and couples (although anyone is welcomed to join in their outings) that gather for fellowship, fun, and almost always a meal.

55 Alive!

The members of 55 Alive! enjoy monthly outings centering on fun, fellowship, and food! We go to local museums, theaters, galleries, and plays; or occasionally we take short day trips to nearby St. Augustine or Fernandina Beach. Wherever we go, a stop at a great restaurant is generally included! Upcoming events are detailed in the bulletin and under special events on the calendar and are also posted on a Bulletin Board outside Covenant Hall. We generally travel in our church van. Costs for each event are kept to a minimum, and fun to the max! For additional information contact Rev. Sonny Stroud or 3554-8439 ext. 106.

Visitation Team

Shut-in members of our church family are visited each month by a group of caring and dedicated ladies who share the love of the congregation with folks who aren’t able to participate in worship at the church. They go out in pairs for their visits, so that all shut-ins can be accommodated each month. We’ve found that both “the visitors” and “those being visited” benefit tremendously from this experience. If you’re interested in being part of “the team that visits,” contact Lana Stull at 354-8439 ext. 105 or