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First Presbyterian Church has opened for corporate worship, and will be maintaining Covid-safety protocol for the Sunday services. FPC will continue to broadcast the  livestream services.  You may connect at 10:30 a.m. Sunday morning at this  FaceBook link: to watch on your computer or mobile device. Or you may listen to the live broadcast on Blogtalkradio by clicking here:  See the Order of Worship (below). A link for a downloadable Order of Worship document is at the end.  The broadcast can also be heard live by calling in at 10:30 at 516-418-5703.


The leadership of First Presbyterian Church is aware that not everyone may be ready to return to the sanctuary at this time for public worship. Persons whose health is compromised should avoid returning. But for those who desire to return beginning Sunday, May 31st, we are asking that you observe the following protocol: 

  1. Please bring a mask with you to worship. We will also have masks (and gloves) available for those who need them. 
  2. The East Monroe Street red doors will be opened at 10:00. The church openers and closers will be on site. Barbara Albertini will also be on the premises with the First Impressions team to help monitor. 
  3. There will be spaced seating. Sticky dots will be placed on pews showing folks where to sit, and every other pew will be roped or taped off. Families may sit together. An usher or some such person will direct folks where to seat. 
  4. There will be no passing of the peace, greeting via handshakes, hugging, and such. 
  5. There will be no bulletins (with the exception of a printed back-up order of worship in the event the projection equipment malfunctions). There will be no use of hymnals and pew Bibles. 
  6. Offering plates will not be passed. The plates will be on the table near the sanctuary entrance for folks to leave their tithes and offerings upon leaving. Brenda Baker will supervise this area and make sure the plates are not left unattended.
  7. Spacing will be maintained during dismissal. Directions will be given from the pulpit following the benediction. Parishioners will be directed not to bunch up when leaving the sanctuary. 
  8. There will be no children’s sermon. 
  9. Covenant Hall and the Williams Building will be off limits (with the exception of bathrooms, which will be marked with signage). 
  10. There will be no nursery, no Sunday School, or any other public activities on the church premises for the time being. 
  11. There will be no coffee and refreshments following the worship service. 
  12. Hand sanitizers will be in abundance in the sanctuary. 
  13. Live streaming of services will continue. 
  14. Sylvester Mills will continue to maintain thorough cleaning of the sanctuary between weekly services. 
  15. Remember to stay safe, fear not, and be of good cheer! (John 16:33)


 Prelude to Worship
Dana Stroud, Organist
God of Grace – Paul Manz

Choral Introit
Chancel Singers
Ye Shall Be Witnesses – Jerry Kirk

Call to Worship

Hymn of Praise
God Has Spoken by His Prophets
God has spoken by his prophets, spoken his unchanging Word;
each from age to age proclaiming God the one, the righteous Lord!
 In the world’s despair and turmoil one firm anchor still holds fast,
God is on his throne eternal, he alone the first and last.
God has spoken by Christ Jesus, Christ the everlasting Son,
 brightness of the Father’s glory, with the Father, ever one:
spoken by the Word incarnate, God, before all time began,
light of light, to Earth descending, Man, revealing God to man.
God is speaking by his Spirit speaking to the hearts of men;
in the age-long Word declaring God’s own message, now as then.
Through the rise and fall of nations one sure faith is standing fast:
God abides, his Word unchanging, God the first and God the last. Amen.

Invocation and the Lord’s Prayer

Pentecost Litany
Spirit of life your breath of life fills the whole world and holds all things together.
If you withdraw your breath everything turns to dust. 
Breathe on me breath of God
You are the source of life that brings life to the world, whole life, full life, unhindered, indestructible everlasting life
Fill me with life anew
The life of your spirit which Christ sends into the world is the power of the resurrection which brings us new life
Breathe on me breath of God
The sending of your spirit is the revelation of God's indestructible affirmation of life and marvelous joy in life
Fill me with life anew
Jesus, where you are there is life. where you are sick people are healed, sad people are comforted,
marginalized people are accepted and the demons of death are driven out.
Breathe on me breath of God
Where your holy spirit is present there is life. the powers and energies of eternal life are experienced.
Fill me with life anew
The mission of your spirit is a movement for life and a movement for healing which spreads consolation and the courage to live
Breathe on me breath of God
We affirm and love life so much that we protest against death and all the powers that disseminate death.
Fill me with life anew
Help us to join with your comforting of the sad, healing of the sick, welcoming of strangers, and forgiving of sins.
Breathe on me breath of God
Send your spirit so that this world should not perish but live
Fill me with life anew
Spirit of the new creation break into the here and now bringing foretastes of the age to come when all things are made new, and creation is set free from the powers of death
Breathe on me breath of God
Spirit of god renew the face of the earth
Fill me with life anew
Give us hearts of flesh for hearts of stone
that we may love as you would love and do what you would do Amen

Worship and Praise
Pentecost Hymn
You’ve poured our Spirit, Great Father of Life Your presence, Your power, the Spirit of Christ.
The fruit of His triumph, the breath of His love, The proof He has risen and reigns now above.
Your promise is given in wind and in flame, With lives now ignited to burn in Your name.
Now loving, now holy, now bold in the truth, Your body, Your people are one, Lord in You.
Your challenge is sounding. Our calling is clear: To live out a gospel the needy can hear.
Lord, help us to go till all people have heard, And touch ev’ry life with the love of the Lord.

Pastoral Prayer
Pastor Scott


 Pastor Sonny

Ministry of Music

Chancel Singers
Holy Spirit, Rain Down – Alvin Slaughter
Holy Spirit rain down, rain down. Oh Comforter and Friend How we need Your touch again
Holy Spirit rain down Rain down. Let Your power fall Let Your voice be heard
Come and change our hearts As we stand on Your word Holy Spirit Rain down
Holy Spirit rain down Rain down. Oh Comforter and Friend How we need Your touch again
Holy Spirit rain down Rain down Let Your power fall Let Your voice be heard.
Come and change our hearts as we stand on Your word Holy Spirit Rain down
No eye has seen No ear has heard No mind can know What God has in store
So open up heaven Open it wide Over Your church And over our lives
Holy Spirit rain down Rain down Oh Comforter and Friend How we need Your touch again
Holy Spirit rain down Rain down Let Your power fall Let Your voice be heard.
Come and change our hearts As we stand on Your word Holy Spirit Rain down.


Scripture and Sermon
Pastor Scott
“The Gospel Torch” Joel 2:28-29

“And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh; your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, and your young men shall see visions. 29 Even on the male and female servants in those days I will pour out my Spirit.

Acts 1:8 8
But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.”
Acts 2: 1-4 When the day of Pentecost arrived, they were all together in one place. 2And suddenly there came from heaven a sound like a mighty rushing wind, and it filled the entire house where they were sitting. 3 And divided tongues as of fire appeared to them and rested[a] on each one of them. 4 And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues as the Spirit gave them utterance.

Closing Hymn

Come, Thou Almighty King
Come, thou Almighty King, Help us thy name to sing, Help us to praise!
Father all glorious, O'er all victorious! Come and reign over us, Ancient of days!
Come, thou incarnate word. Gird on thy mighty sword - Our prayer attend! Come!
And thy people bless, And give thy word success, Spirit of holiness On us descend!
Come holy Comforter, Thy sacred witness bear, In this glad hour!
Thou who Almighty art, Descend in ev'ry heart, And ne'er from us depart, Spirit of pow'r.
To the great one in three Eternal praises be Hence, evermore! His sovereign Majesty
May we in glory see, And to eternity Love and adore!

Charge and Benediction

Prelude to Christian Ministry

Listen to the Rustle of the Mighty Wind – Buryl Red & Ragan Courtney 

Download Order of Worship - 5-31-2020 PDF

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