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In addition to our regular groups and classes, we have two NEW Bible Studies that will begin in September!  One of them is a 24 week Read Through The Bible Course called Disciple, and the other one is a 13 week course called Navigating Your Finances God's Way.

Have you ever wanted to know the Bible but didn’t know how to begin? You think the best place to start is the beginning…. so with great enthusiasm you open your Bible to Genesis and begin reading. But, after a while you get to the “begats” and you notice that you keep dropping off to sleep. Then you get bogged down in the ancient lists of Jewish laws in Deuteronomy. Finally, you realize that what was once a fire in your heart to know the Bible has come to a slow and painfully boring demise. The Discipleship Ministry will offer “Discipleship,” a 24 week program designed to help those interested in knowing the Bible in a small group setting. The class will be taught by Rev. Dr. Robert L. Morris, Jr. on Wednesdays from 5:15-6:15 beginning September 7, and requires a desire to understand what the Bible is and what it teaches. If you are interested in discovering God’s Word for yourself this class is for you. For questions or to register contact the church office or (904) 354-8439 x 111.

 We will also be offering “Compass –Finances God’s Way” this Fall. Albert and Jan Lawrence will facilitate this 13 week course, using Compass’ curriculum and approach to managing finances according to the principles that are laid out in scripture. The objective will be to know Christ more intimately and serve Him more fully with all areas of our lives, particularly with our financial resources. This course will be held on Sunday mornings from 8:30-10:15 am. There will be an orientation class on August 28 at 9:30am in the 3rd Fl Conference Room. For questions or to sign up, please contact the church office or 904-354-8439, ext. 111. 

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