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First Presbyterian Church is uniting with true believers from all over America and the world to take time for a solemn assembly... that is, a time to repent, and seek God's face and to implore His mercies upon our sin-laden land. You may learn more by connecting at The Return.  Please find the downloadable prayer guide below.

September 26, 2020 Washington D.C. National Mall- We are at a pivotal time in human history... the end of the age. It behooves us to allow the trivial things of this life to take second place to the imperative to return to the LORD in this season, as individuals, churches, and as a nation. On September 26th, 2020 there will be a mass gathering of believers in Washington D.C., and others joining virtually, as we publicly repent of our sin and beg for God to grant repentance and revival to our land.

 Here is a video with prayer guidance, and below is a downloadable prayer guide document.

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